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JSL Partners is a growing, innovative company dedicated to providing products and solutions globally since 2000. We pride ourself in working with honesty and respect to build meaningful, trusting relationship. 



We are experienced in working with diverse people from all over the world and know how to adapt and create a comfortable working relationship.


JSL's unique model improves global markets by using creative means to consume excess materials that manufacturers create. This offers solutions to businesses and extends the life of the products. 


Integrity is embedded into everything we do. Our word is our bond.


We care about you. We use our experience of over 20 years in manufacturing, converting and distributing consumer products to help smaller companies with international corporations in global markets. We do this by providing value-based products and materials to regional and independent businesses.


We create a more sustainable world by purchasing excess products and materials that manufacturers create. We place these products into markets that need lower-cost products to serve their population. This ultimately reduces the amount of waste entering landfills.


From a home office into a 136,000 square foot distribution outlet, JSL has expanded by providing unparalleled commitment and service for over 20 years.

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